Comment on Business updates, increased disclosures and improving transparency

RD Patel commented on 18 Dec 2022, 12:29 PM

Hearty congratulations on your successful journey! On this occasion I request you to kindly provide more Tradingview chart standard features in Zerodha Tradingview charts.
Just a few of them are –
1. Countdown to bar close
2. After customizing chart appearance (background color, candle colors etc.) it should get saved as a default chart layout to automatically load at the start. Even when the user save a chart layout (which never loads automatically by default), it disappears after a few days!
3. Bar replay feature
4. Multiple alerts based on chart indicators with sound alarm
5. Customization of colors based on hex values or RGB values
6. Facility to make chart timeframes favorite (by marking star against their name)
7. Saving of chart templates on Zerodha server for each user, so they can be used on any computer by that user. Currently although user can make & save many chart templates and save in his local computer, but only 6 are visible for use in the Templates menu.
……. and many more…….

In short, I wish to make Zerodha Tradingview chart as my only chart and stop using Tradingview site’s chart completely.
Kindly consider this request to make us a part of your success.
Many thanks!

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