Comment on PI – OVERVIEW AND FEEDBACK - Part 2

Nithin Kamath commented on 09 Jan 2015, 02:49 PM

9th Jan 2015

So we are almost ready to launch the “final beta release of Pi” from monday, 12th Jan. If everything works well, we will have the final release of Pi within the next 3 weeks. For all those who have used the previous beta and given us feedback, it has taken us over 2 months to incorporate most of what you had requested for.

1. We did a complete upgrade of trading servers last month, so the performance has gone up significantly.
2. We have upgraded the servers that send data to the charts, so NSE, NFO, and Currency charts, will probably match up to data of the most expensive data providers in the country. Also adding indicators, drawing tool bar, and all issues around it has been fixed.
3.All exchanges: NSE, BSE, and MCX are live.
4. We have created a screen to log all your alerts from Expert advisors, Scripted alerts, and Pi bridge, for semi automated trading. Clicking on the alert places an order.
5. Pi bridge is live for amibroker. We are working on having the bridge to MT4 soon.
6. Issues around saving layouts is fixed.
7. You will have 1 year of intraday data for the top 200 stocks and indices. We will slowly add more stocks to the list. You will be able to load upto 50,000 candles on a single chart.

Bracket orders will take a little longer. Also, we presently have minute and hourly charts. End of day charts, will take few more days.

We are going to start releasing Pi from monday, we will release it only to a few for the first 2 or 3 days, and slowly increase the pace.

To enable Pi:
1. From monday, you will see a Pi icon in Q( The ID’s that we had previously enabled for beta of Pi, won’t work from monday, you will have to put a new request.
2. You will have an option to request for beta of Pi when clicked on the icon. We will be giving this beta only to our active client base, (clients who have generated atleast Rs 300 of brokerage over the last 30 days). If you are not our active client, you will have to wait until the final release.
3. Once you place a request, you will get a download link, and a key. The download link, also has a readme doc, that explains the installation process. We have simplified the installation process quite a bit. Four clicks and you should be ready.
4. Once you have done this, you will be notified on the same page when your login is enabled for trading on Pi on the same page in Q. How fast this happens will depend on the queue, and the speed at which we are releasing licenses.
5. The link to enable “Pi bridge” to connect to Amibroker for semi-automated trading will be available by next weekend on the same page in Q.

Note: It is still the final “Beta” version, so if you spot any issues do let us know. I will put up a blogpost with video on monday to run a quick overview of latest beta release of Pi.

I understand this has gotten delayed quite a bit and having Pi out soon is quite important for us as a business. We hit multiple roadblocks along the way, hopefully as they say, ” Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”.

Happy Trading,

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