Comment on Business updates, increased disclosures and improving transparency

V.Janakiraman commented on 15 Dec 2022, 01:55 PM

Congratulations on your success and Best wishes for it to continue. “There is nothing so good that it can not be improved” is a dictum , many may be aware of it. As a newcomer to your portal, I have put up to you the problems I encountered, so that they can be eliminated. Opening an account – my experience was ‘very difficult’ took a long time, (possibly due to covid related disruptions). A case study of ETH 658 and UQT 995 would give leads on areas needing attention. The “support ‘ system, has enabled me to talk to about 50 executives – so far so good; but being unable to call back for a missed call is tortuous. Even getting at an executive is time consuming and more often, leads to ‘call drops’. Why not have a system of a dedicated extension for such calls, instead of the round robin of 1 for,2, for etc. (A nice short story by “Sujatha” (Rangarajan) would make good and funny reading). Today I find the options of ADD WITHDRAW funds options missing in the FUNDS tag, and I am at a loss to know how to add funds. Please make access for help a little less cumbersome. Thank you

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