Comment on Business updates, increased disclosures and improving transparency

Pankaj commented on 15 Dec 2022, 12:14 PM

Hi Nithin,

The way you & Mr. Karthik Rangappa have been the flagbearer of retail investors interests by giving them a transparent product in Zerodha and knowledge treasure in Varsity; people like me can’t thank you enough.

The articles like these, time and again put things in perspective and let us re-think about what we are dealing with. Negative Crude prices and 20% fall in index, can surely bankrupt many on us.

Though I am sure I will be with Zerodha till the day I am an active trader but would like to give some feedback. I am an active F&O trader and spend approx 5-10K per month on brokerage charges on Zerodha. Off late I have been using platforms like Shoonya/Tradeplus/MStock, though all these platforms have some shortcomings, but they surely are improving. I have started doing all my active trades on Shoonya and I am not disappointed. The lure to save 5K-10K per month is taking my there. I am sure you will just take this as feedback from an admirer.

My heartfelt thanks to you and entire Zerodha team and wishing more success in future.

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