Comment on Business updates, increased disclosures and improving transparency

Arbind Kumar commented on 15 Dec 2022, 11:36 AM

Hi Nitin
Many congratulations for rapid growth in your business in last few years.
Hope you continue to do so in coming years too.
I have one small request cum suggestion, since majority of your income come from trading community, it will be huge favour to them if Zerodha could reduce its brokerage for intraday traders.
Request you, please, make it INR 10/- per trade instead of 20, since many brokerage houses are already doing this, it will be huge benefit for intraday trading community. It will be like giving a small gift to trading community, who is contributing primarily in your growth.
Huge chunk of our trading expenses go in brokerage.
So please, please think over it.
Thank you so much.

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