Comment on Business updates, increased disclosures and improving transparency

Manoj Kumar commented on 15 Dec 2022, 11:34 AM

The risk disclosure and customer performance section of the article is very informative and useful, continue doing this forever it is much appreciated.

I have been making a decent consistent profit for past 18 months, testing myself in different market trends before i make enough money to quit my main job, i loved these lines especially.

“Generating profits from active trading is as hard as generating profits while running a business, if not harder, given that anyone can start trading and not everyone can start a business. The odds of succeeding when actively trading are very low, similar to any other walk of life, which requires skill, hard work, and some luck to succeed. From running a business to playing sports or music for a living.”

also waiting for this data “We will start sharing more granular information in the next few weeks”

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