Comment on Introducing "Varsity"

vicky goyal commented on 08 Jan 2015, 07:46 PM

hi , nithin i have asked a question on trading qna about fat finger error and after you answer there , nishant have added a comment , there is no answer to that comment so asking here , nithin i have a very good capital somewhere near 20 lakh and i know that stock market is risky but thats ok , if i loose money due to my fault its ok but if i loose money because of somebodys fault , is it right ? is there any thing by which your company will not square off the position and wait for atleast on that day itself { you have also done trading for a long time , i hope you will find a solution to this thing also}, another thing i want to know that suppose i loose big money , is there any legal remedy available for the investors whose money has been lost { like in emkay traders fault} , and one more thing does national stock exchange have done anything new by which such incidents will not happen in future ?

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