Comment on Investing in US stocks through NSE IFSC

Ankush Verma commented on 04 Nov 2022, 09:02 PM

Single candle chart of a day should be visible when we choose 5D, 1M, 1Y.
But in equity I found that one candle for 09:15 and another of 13:15, means two candles of a day are visible. It should be one.
In commodity I have seen one candle of 09:00, second for 13:00, third for 17:00 and fourth for 21:00. It should be one candle for whole day which should show open, high, low, close of a day.
I believe session wise Candlistic chart is visible.
Can you please help, have I choosen wrong option thats why It is happening? Please advise me how to correct It. I want per day wise candle.

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