Comment on PI – OVERVIEW AND FEEDBACK - Part 2

Riddhi commented on 07 Jan 2015, 09:11 PM


1. First of all this thread is about Pi and related topics,not personal complaint thread.
3.You said ,you had to wait for one hour for them to answer.Apparently it could have been well spent actually going to Zerodha website and in the clicking link.
4.You should have gone through “How to place Order” threads in Z-Connect.Seriously ,give them a break!
5. Wow,they have to tell you to put in transaction password which you set up earlier when you initially installed NEST.What do you think that password was for?
6.I am not even sure what money you are asking? Account opening charges or the money YOU transferred to the trading account which you can withdraw at any time.Why the nagging?

Although Zerodha facing problems in many aspects but come on!!

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