Comment on PI – OVERVIEW AND FEEDBACK - Part 2

Senthil commented on 06 Jan 2015, 02:37 PM

Dear Nithin,

As you prepare for the final beta release, thought it would be better to mention a few basic issues in Pi (am sure they are already handled , but just in case):

1. Chart data backfill: The patch certainly reinstated backfill, but the last historical bar and the first new bar are not accurate. Equivolume charts’ rendering is quite off track with backfill data, so am assuming that even though the prices for all but the last bar is OK, there may be issues with volume data (looks like it gets aggregated). The charting itself is fine when only current data is used, so this just has to do with data I guess.

2. In the order window, once invoked using F1 on market watch, I am not able to change the instrument. Though the display shows the change, the order when placed, is the original instrument.

3. Occasionally, an order is rejected with a message “Server not ready” … faced this issue today after a long time.

4. Sometimes, when I login with the Quick Login checkbox unchecked, the Market Index does not appear.

5. In a saved market watch, index rows are not retained when we login again.

1,2, & 3 are the more critical ones – of which (2) has resulted in some serious situations.

All the best for the release. Looking forward to it.

Senthil (DS2929)

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