Comment on 12 years of Zerodha

Sebastian Thomas commented on 23 Aug 2022, 05:55 PM

I do not agree at all regarding the service. I have always felt that the employees have no regard for the customer to solve their problem. When we talk to the support team , all that we can hear is that our case is being addressed by the support team. I had the misery of going through the rekyc procedure on 03.08.22 due to the dormant status of my trading ac. Covid has affected us. No intimation about dormancy of the account. I had no such problem with Sharekhan. It was indeed a labyrinthine process. I complied with it and after some days I got a reply asking me to submit self-attested PAN card copy, though initially only a pan copy was asked for. I submitted a self attested PAN copy on Saturday, ticket No 20220820689204 dt 20.08.22. I followed up on Monday with support team. The stock reply was the process is going on. There were other remarks of avoidance to my querry. Today, Tuesday, 230822, I followed up again and getting the same stock reply that it will be done as early as possible. Later on at 15.43 hrs one Mr Bharat Suryavanshi acknowledged receipt and uploading of my self attested PAN copy. But I am asked to do the rekyc again. So again I have to start from Zero.
I have experienced this work avoidance attitude of the employees earlier also. They are more bureaucratic than any worst Govt dept. Can any one tell me what kind of service is this ? Their website is good and informative. On a problem solving level their service is absolutely pathetic and abysmal.
A zerodha kite dormant ac holder.

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