Comment on 12 years of Zerodha

Doshi commented on 19 Aug 2022, 06:29 PM

SEBI keeps changing the procedure for betterment of investing public. But some how it becomes difficult to adapt it within short time frame. Just recently SEBI wants TPV Validation for every transactions for Mutual Fund Investment. This has made it difficult for common investors to follow and thus going back to old way of investing.
This is echoed by following in this post.
“Not just changes affecting revenue models, but drastic operational changes. Inability to quickly adapt to regulatory changes is probably the biggest risk for the brokerage industry, apart from the risk of markets going lower. As Zerodha, we are confident of our position to handle such regulatory changes.”
It’s been more than 6 weeks and system is not in place as yet. Conditional Orders are not available. New Funds are not available. And Third Party Auth, is failing and getting rejected. Loss to Public and Fund House too.
There must be a faster solutions to this type of occurrences.

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