Comment on 12 years of Zerodha

Gangani Sandeep commented on 18 Aug 2022, 11:56 PM

Hi Sir,
It’s another space on which we can proud to be,my brother has in mnc last time & have stock option plan through etrade on US, their account handling and system is hopeless, no clear charges, no clear portfolio view & dividend policy in us that @35% tds

Great to live in India where things are much transparent and manageable, Open society to help like zerodha support.
Now I want to give some suggestion that to democratizing the wealth creation journey please come with IPO so that we can join the team Zerodha, also as possible keep away the FII which are hostile our financial market by virtue of educating us through the series like Veracity.
I urge you to update Veracity Income tax related book module with current LTCG, STCG concept with table in xls format of 112A etc only price index table also not updated regularly
Also veracity on Debt instrument and Debt as collateral for trade in Equity and fo. Veracity on recent trends in Gold trading like sovering Gold bond , Gsec etc

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