Comment on 12 years of Zerodha

Venu Pattani commented on 17 Aug 2022, 09:41 PM

Kudos to Zerodha on completing 12 years in the field of brokerage. Zerodha is a cost effective and user friendly platform for investors.

I take this opportunity to draw the attention of Mr Nithin Kamath to the fact that Zerodha’s Tax P & L Report does not show the expenses separately for intraday and short term/long term transactions under equity segments. Since the tax treatment for profit/loss under intraday (speculative) and short term/long term transactions are different, this information is essential for filing Tax Returns. I had brought this fact to the notice of your team in April 2022, but nothing seems to have happened.

Hope, at least for the current Financial Year, this information will be available in the Tax P&L Report.

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