Comment on Introducing family portfolio view on Console

Shyam commented on 10 Aug 2022, 04:48 PM

Hi Shubham,
I appreciate the introduction of Family and Tags(in the past). I had a lot of struggle without these features in the past.

In tags, one of the important problem is if I have the same stock bought in different periods of time under different tags(eg: long term, short term). While selling stocks(partially) due to FIFO logic, I can’t assign the correct tag to the sale transaction. I understand for tax calculation FIFO has to be followed, but can you please delink P/L calculation for tax and P/L calculation for tags. I’m ready to explain in detail even over a call or email.

1/1/2020 – Stock A – bought 100 at price 1. Tag – LongTerm
1/6/2022 – Stock A – bought 50 at price 2. Tag – Short Term
1/76/2022 – Stock A – sell 50 at price 2.5. Tag – Short Term.

In this scenario, profit is not calculated as 50 * (2.5 – 2). Instead it is calculated as 50 * (2.5 – 1). Without this I’m still dependent on Spreadsheets and manual entries, it is a painful process.

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