Comment on Zerodha tax reports

Santosh commented on 29 Jul 2022, 08:47 PM

It is surprising to see the childish work of Quicko in filing itr3. I paid the desired fee for filing my ITR3. I asked them to send me the JSON file to verify.
I was shocked to see the filled ITR3 as there were so many errors in it.
Lastly to see their poor knowledge in ITR filing, I was compelled to forgo the charges paid to QUICKO and hired some other agency.

The schedule meeting for 30 minutes and expect to complete filing of so complicated ITR3.
So, it is my sincere advice not to go to such horrible agency who do not know abc of Income Tax.
In futurei It is going to create bad name also to Zerodha who are involving QUICKO for filing of ITR.

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