Comment on Zerodha tax reports

Vinay Kumar Singh commented on 27 Jul 2022, 09:44 PM

A report in format required by ncome Tax Department would have been so very useful. they ask for the following details
Share/Unit acquired(1a)

ISIN Code(2)

Name of the Share/Unit(3)

No. of Shares/Units(4)

Sale-price per Share/Unit(5)

Full Value of Consideration(Total Sale Value)(6) = 4 * 5

Cost of acquisition without indexation(7)

Cost of acquisition(8)

If the long term capital asset was acquired before 01.02.2018(9)

Fair Market Value per share/unit as on 31st January 2018(10)

Total Fair Market Value of capital asset as per section 55(2)(ac)(11) = 4 * 10

Expenditure wholly and exclusively in connection with transfer(12)

Total deductions(13) = 7 + 12 Balance(14) = 6 – 13

In a tabular form in their CSV file dowloadable from Income Tax website while filing the ITR-3

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