Comment on ZT-Position Conversion

jawaharraj commented on 04 Jan 2015, 11:20 AM

Hi nithin,
Happy new year nithin, i’m new trader, I need some clarification in MIS and After market Order, please clarify,

1. How to manually close MIS position before auto square off @ 3:20?,

example: i bought xyz stock in MIS type @10am and @ 12 Pm target price achieved, i would like to close my position at that time, how to do it, please provide step by step procedure in web?

2. Is it possible to buy share in Pre-Market (between 9-9:15)@ web platform, is it possible to execute AMO order in pre-market time, since AMO execute only after 9:15?, it will be very help full if u provide details in step by step.

Many thanks for your time

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