Comment on Pre-market/Post-market/After-market Orders

AJAY commented on 02 Jan 2015, 05:27 PM

Hello Sir,

I would like to get some clarification in AMO orders..I am giving some examples here..pls clarify my doubts


Reliance Communication is closed at Rs.100.00 on 02.01.2015

I think RCOM will move up with heavy volumes on next trading day

So I have placed AMO order @ Rs.101.00 @ 9.00 AM (+1.00% difference from closing price).I have placed in NSE Cash&F&O

1.On next trading day @ 9.15 AM ,RCOM is open with a Gap up of +2.00% and its moving to +4.00% difference..

In this scenario,whether my AMO orders will get executed at 9.15 AM?

On the opposite side

2.RCOM is opening without any gap in its price @ Rs.100.00,whether my AMO order will get executed?

3.RCOM opening with a gap up of +2.00% and coming down to my AMO order price after 9.16 AM,whether my AMO will get executed or not?

4.RCOM opening with a gap down of -3.00% ,whether my AMO order will executed or not?



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