Comment on Physical delivery of stock F&O & their risksĀ 

M.Vishal commented on 03 Mar 2022, 05:21 PM

Pls explain.
1.I buy one lot of Dr.Reddy Fut May Contract @ 4000
Price @ May Expiry day = 3800
Lot Size=125

I have decided to take physical delivery by paying full amount as the account already have 6 lac rupees

Question is:
1.When i can see the Shares in my Holding?
2.What does the Avg.cost,Last Price and P/L column will show?
If we assume Current Price is 3800, does P/L column shows as -25,000 and Avg cost will show as 4000
3. Charges involved are
Brokerage= 0.25% of 5,00,000=1250
STT=0.1% of 5,00,000=500

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