Comment on Physical delivery of stock F&O & their risksĀ 

Deepa commented on 20 Feb 2022, 04:44 PM

I am an investor. I had bought 8 PE of Vodafone Idea for 5 Paisa thinking it would help during down turns. I have more than 70000 of Vodafone Idea stocks, which is one lot and some more, in my account. I do not want to do physical delivery. I did not know about mandatory physical delivery before. I do not have sufficient money in my account too. How can this is be fixed? Should I sell any CE like 20 or 21 CE? For margin money to sell CE, should I pledge the shares? When will I get the margin after the pledge? Can I use this margin for selling 21 CE? If I request for pledge margin on Monday, will this fix the issue using the pledge margin help in the expiry week of the month? Is selling CE allowed on Wednesday and Thursday of expiry?

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