Comment on Broking goes mainstream - Dec 2021

Santosh commented on 08 Jan 2022, 02:41 PM

Hey Nitin,

Earlier the growth was majorly because of investment for long term and post Covid it’s majorly been because of F&O.
Looking at the YouTube and Twitter influencers who have gotten people hooked to money markets, and people have learnt that money can also be made trading the bear run might not effect the Broking industry as much. The ideaology amongst young is’nt about making money only in bull market but to trade irrespective.

I see a lot of veterans warning against F&O, however many just turn a deaf ear. Instead focusing on educating or tutoring how to manage risks and fixing it mentally would be a good approach than just demoting day or short trading in the age of info availability, monstrous amount of data points and accessible data.
Now that zerodha and many others are here to stay, maybe unlocking the secrets of making money through stock markets by educating, sharing experiences can be the reason for next set of growth for Broking industry. After all people will learn how to fish,

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