Comment on Physical delivery of stock F&O & their risksΒ 

VORTEX STOCKS commented on 07 Jan 2022, 02:14 AM

πŸ™πŸ»Hello sir , πŸ™πŸ»
πŸ’ Mera ek question hai expiry se related.
βœ… last expiry was on
30 dec2021
πŸ’₯ I want to buy
Wipro option
Wipro price β‚Ή695
Date 27 dec2021
πŸ’₯ So , i decide to buy (otm)
Wipro 700 CE
Price – β‚Ή3/-
Lot size – 800
Paid premium- β‚Ή2,400/-
⬇️ Now the main question
( I decided to hold it not to sell even on expiry day)
βœ… wipro price on expiry day
30 dec 2021
Wipro is on 715
Close 3:30 pm
and i have not exited my call
πŸ’° wipro 700 ce
Now close at 10 which we buy at 3
βœ… we buy at 3 and close at 10 we have profit of 7 points
7×800= β‚Ή5,600
This profit is running and closed also but i have not sqoff my position expiry over.
πŸ’° So , what amount of money i will get ?
My profit will be only β‚Ή5,600/-
Or more??
Or less??
Or what will happen if
I dont sqoff my position….???
If my position is in ITM
And what will happen is we hold till expiry and dont sqoff our position and it is in ITM
For Stocks?
For nifty 50?
For Banknifty??
What will happen if we hold and dont sqoff our position ?
I have understand that buying PE and holding . not sqoff on expiry day i need to deliver the lot size share.

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