Comment on Broking goes mainstream - Dec 2021

B N Viswanath Guptha commented on 03 Jan 2022, 05:15 PM

I am in touch with stock Markets (ON and OFF) for the last 35+ years. Rarely, I have come across a more honest and fact based Article on investing in Stocks, as this Field is considered more as a speculative one. Investment in Stocks based on the Fundamentals and self study is a science by itself as I have found out. Many a times, we blame Companies for not investing their liquid Money for expanding their Businesses. But, as individuals, we always tries to conserve all our savings to be safer. We must invest in Stocks and IPO’s to help our Enterprises to avoid depending on Foreign Money to grow. I feel, Nithin, you have brought out this point very well. As a Country, we can’t afford to deploy all our Money on passive Investments like Gold, Real estate etc.

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