Comment on Stock market scams everyone should be aware of

Matt Dunham commented on 26 Dec 2021, 01:14 PM

I made the most stupid decision of my life when I decided to invest on a platform that only had positive reviews everywhere to deceive more people. Everything was going well until I decided to make a big withdrawal, they had let me withdraw a small amount at first and this even made me trust them even more until i needed to make a big withdrawal, they denied this and instead made me make several deposits as “tax” in order to approve my withdrawal. This went on for another three weeks and i had already lost a fortune and it didn’t look like they were going to release anything. That was the moment i realized what i had gotten myself into, i plunged into acute depression for about a month before i got in touch with a team that helped me recoup my loss, i didn’t even think it was possible i just had to send a mail to (support @ recoverytemple. tech) as i was directed by someone i confided. If i wasn’t lucky enough to have gotten that information, i am sure they would have easily gotten away with ruining me financially.

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