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Ramesh commented on 12 Dec 2021, 01:13 AM

Hi Streak Team,
I am using streak since last six months and doing paper trade as well as live trade.
I have two serious observations which need to to improve.
Observation No 1.
Under My strategies tab, whatever we are creating number of strategies listed all at once. Due to number of strategies it is difficult find out exact one under tab No 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5.
Now a days due to high volatility in market, it is obvious to practice various strategies under various segments.
Hence, I would request you kindly insert custom based tab allocation under my strategies tab.
I wanted to explain in details.
When I click on my strategies column, there I need to create different tabs under first.
Such as
Nifty 50 index strategies tab
Nifty 50 stocks strategies tab
Bank Nifty index strategies tab
Todays top gainers stocks strategies tab
Today top looser stocks strategies tab
Today High volume stocks strategies tab
So, whenever I want to search my strategy, immediately, I can jump into that tab to pick that one in short time.
I hope u understood the point.

Observation No 2.
Under Scanners, Live Scan tab working from 0915 hrs to 1530 hrs.
Based on parameters, time to time stocks updated and alert appears on the screen. very nice.
Whenever, it appears in the list, you have given alert flash beside stock which appears recently to identify, great. Its also nice and perfectly OK.
However, whenever the list of stock much more in number there is lot of confusion to identify which one is latest alert. So, the avoid this confusion, plz insert one column duly mentioned the time of alert and put filter for ascending and descending order to know latest alert on the screen.
Hope this second one also understood.
Hope for positive action at the earliest.
Thanks you.

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