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Dhawal commented on 01 Nov 2021, 07:07 PM

Hello Nitin and Zerodha Team,

Its been 100 hours+ since I lodged my complaint and since I haven’t received a resolution till now, I have to post here. On 28th November, all my GTT’s triggered and my orders were squared off as per the Kite app. The end result was a total loss of 18k due to triggered GTT’s. But after 2.30pm when I opened my app, all my GTT went missing from the app and it started showing GTT from the previous day. The stop loss, which was limited to 18k, went all the way multiplying and my entire funds became 0 within an hour. I spoke to a few executives, but no one is helping me out. They are saying no GTT order was placed from your end at all. This is a completely baseless claim. Literally most of my orders were GTT!!!!

On top of which, another anomaly which I noticed was that I had only placed around 50-60 orders from my app. But at the end of the day, it showed that a total of 252 orders were placed from my app, which is not possible. This may be a one in a million case where things like these have happened, and I explained the same to the support team. But no one is ready to listen and they just point out that no GTT was placed. That incident led to my entire capital being wiped off, leading to losses worth 8,36,000/-.

I feel completely helpless as the Zerodha team is not assisting me during such a serious concern. Can someone please genuinely look into this issue beyond the lens of checking backend logs and look into how GTT issue might have occured? I am 100% confident that GTT feature failure has caused this issue and I would like to receive a resolution at the earliest. Like the way the GTT from the front end disappeared, there might be a technical glitch due to which the entire log of GTT’s from back-end might have gone missing???

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