Comment on The rise of Algo trading platforms & everything you need to know

Arun Bhatt commented on 15 Oct 2021, 04:31 PM

In one way Zerodha is also responsible for bringing many retailers to stock market because of inventor of discount trading. Now once there are lot of retailers in trade market, algo trading is next step in journey which was earlier limited to big trade houses only. It is a way to take profit away from these big trade houses and give it to retailer. I do not understand why you have not written a big article on a lot of tip advisers who charge a hefty money for providing a tip without any basis and which causes big loss to small retailers. Algo trading is a way to execute the same strategies again and again and because the stock market is a number game, If you keep doing the same thing again and again then only you make profit. If you keep changing the direction then you are big loser. Earlier retailers used to be biggest losers in stock market and the winners used to be the big sharks in here. The big traders as we know are the big sharks which loot money from the small retailers and become millionaire/billionaire as stock market is zero sum game. Algo trading is a way to distribute that money back to retailers.

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