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Manoj commented on 13 Oct 2021, 10:28 PM

Thanks for your response Nithin Bhai,

No, I am not looking at scrapping .. when we were working on Airline products in 2007-08 we tried scrapping, while we found out that the same was not appreciated it was too tedious task to keep monitoring the main website and be alert on any single change as that would impact the application and even result in errors.

Our approach is very simple and straight forward, Futuristic, in complaince with the local laws and governing agencies, no reverse engineering, simple and plain code which should be scalable anytime as per need.
there are many grey areas, so we are cautiously trying to figure out the right context and right + acceptable workings of the proposed system.

We arent looking at any Algo or Automated process, nor do we wish to become a parallel system to what you have or an advisor.. we are just trying to build a setup which will assist a user to trade in more simplfied ways (while Zerodha is doing Simply fantastic so as many others) yet we found that there is still some scope, our proposed application is very much having a human touch and unless a user clicks and then confirm it will not place any order.

Had a discussion with your team at rainmatter and I trust I wasnt able to clarify what we intend to do and also that this is niether Algo Nor Automated Trading system, I am sure they are still under impression that we were trying to build some algo system or some autotrader.

Thank you for your time 🙂

Cheers !


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