Comment on Policy change for trading in cash-settled commodities

prashant commented on 02 Oct 2021, 03:09 PM

Is it right to take whole money from small investor and sending notice to take more money since MCX is saying on basis of negative traded crude oil price in NYMEX. In india no one trade in negative. if MCX system does not allow negative price settlements then why they are asking money. THere was no cash settlement also. in which contract it is written that negative price of crude oil can be traded? I dont know legal language but suffering from too much mental stress hence writing here. No one calling me from zerodha to understand the issue. What was the judgement form high court , if you have any copy please send to me, also please ask some athority to discuss not to send such irrespective notices thats actually showing nocare attitude from zerodha for their client who traded in their platform and given so much of brokerages with trust and relationships. zerodha also consider and understand the problem of their client. I am scared , stressed, and feeling fully cheated as still my money have not been returned and even they are asking more money to settle the amount due to crude oil issue on 20th APril 2020. Please dont say its right for God’s shake, its totally wrong and unfair sir…

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