Comment on Coin newsletter #2: Expectations, disappointments and regrets

Nikhil Garg commented on 16 Sep 2021, 10:47 PM

Since you guys were kind enough to give the amazing insights on smallcap funds. Can you also suggest ways to invest in smallcap funds. I know one should invest as per the risk tolerance and goals etc etc ( have read all the classic books on keeping costs low, taxes low, turnover should be low and stuff like that but it works majorly in US markets, i mean invest in index funds, yes sounds good if you have index like snp500. But i am skeptical if it works for Nifty 50, given that 10 companies hold around 60% weightage of index). That being said any help would be amazing on how to navigate the troubled waters of mutual funds be it large cap, mid cap, small cap etc.

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