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Nithin Kamath commented on 05 May 2013, 07:52 AM


Had to delete the images, too many images at one time, if you have multiple images to post, put it one by one and under reply.

As far as your query goes, it is very important to choose the same candle size while backtesting and when you take it live. Check this blog

When you backtest on the chart, whatever is the candle size on the blog, it will backtest according to ti. If you are looking at 1 min candle, it will backtest based on 1 min candle.

If you want to go live on 1 min candle itself, make sure in the alert preference window as show in the blog, the interval is set to 1 min.

Also, when you go live, if you get a buy indicator and you get a buy indicator again, it will ignore that as you have already bought. The second buy indicator will come only once the sell has come after the buy.

hope this clarifies.

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