Comment on ZT-Position Conversion

Asha Manian commented on 15 Sep 2021, 02:52 PM

Why do I see a loss when I convert MIS(Closed position) to NRML ?

I have two questions,
1. Why am I seeing a loss, when my average price is lesser( Note : From last trade of Active 4 lots (Out of 3 trades that I took, 1st two trades of the same lot size(4) were sold with profit) than LTP while I was trading in MIS ?
2. When I convert my MIS to NRML, why am I seeing a loss in MIS closed position(Refer the greyed out position). However my normal positions are showing profit…. Is it best to convert MIS to NRML, though you see a loss in MIS(Greyed out )when NRML is showing profit…

Note : I have posted the query as a ticket as well to your team, along with screenshots. I was expecting a person who has already experienced this situation can help me better on this. I was on the phone with them and none were able to answer to my point in simple terms for the two question..

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