Comment on Option buying: The riskiest trade out there

Vaibhav commented on 06 Aug 2021, 04:48 PM

@Zerodha, @Nithin Kamath: Can you consider giving the option to enter the no. of lots instead of actual quantity when trading options? This feature particularly would help the intraday traders who practice scalping style of trading.
Here’s some more context: Say if I intend to enter an options position very quickly (eg. when the underlying is in a rally), the option premium is changing very rapidly. Now many times, the lot sizes look like 1350, or 3450, (I’ve even seen 1751 as the lot size recently), I need to multiply the lot size with no. of lots I wish to buy very quickly to enter the exact quantity on the buy window. The point is that this calculation eats a few seconds of that very valuable time when I need to enter the trade in split seconds.
In fact for any option trader, if the quantity can’t be any number in between the whole number multiples of the lot size, then I guess it’s a fair point to let the trader enter just the no. of lots they want to buy, by automating that calculation step.
Not sure if this is intentional considering some other factor from your perspective. Please let me know.

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