Comment on Coin newsletter #1: Bull market mistakes

Sudipta commented on 23 Jul 2021, 01:49 PM

Typo… The best thing for you as an investor should do is… You can please rephrase it to correct the grammar. The article is very good by the way.

On another note, I would like to share my own experience as I sailed through 3 major crashes and market tops. It is always better to cash out 50 percent of our investment when we feel the market is at the top (like today). We may be wrong. In fact most of the time we WILL BE wrong. But liquidating 50 percent and keeping rest 50 percent is the most defensive play. If the market still climbs up, we can still get benefited by the rise. If the market falls, we have surplus funds to invest in fundamentally good stocks (never invest in mediocre stocks however lucrative they might look). I have 15 yrs of experience in trading and I quit my day-time job 4 yrs ago. I am doing good and enjoying the other sides of life. You can take this advice if you want.

By the way, SIP is a good way to invest for long term. I personally never did it, as I find it more interesting to directly play with the stocks in short term. Money is not everything, the passion and the thrill of an adventure are also part of the parcel that makes our life meaningful 🙂 But I seldom do day trading. 3-6 months investment get us the best return, with a few selected stocks kept in the long term portfolio for regular dividend income.

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