Comment on Zerodha-business-opportunity

Arvind Kumar commented on 19 Jul 2021, 04:45 PM

Hello Nitin
I got an account opened in Zerodha in 2016 and according to the company’s referral programme in 2017 I referred to some friends and they got the account opened accordingly. The very same was being shown on the referral page in console for years but now it is not there. I didn’t get any points or commission for my referrals till now.
when I raised a ticket and called customer support they are saying that the scheme was terminated in 2018 and reintroduced in Jan 2020. And for referrals before Jan 2020, neither points /commission will be given nor referrals would be restored.
All my work went in vain. I feel cheated and there is a deficit of trust with Zerodha now.
plz, resolve it so that trust will be maintained.

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