Comment on Introducing Kill Switch

DDGupta commented on 24 Jun 2021, 06:10 PM

What ever you make , you still could not include 2 important features even after your repeated updates.

1. In your Mobile App, Why we need to Scroll Every Time to see Nifty Index / Bank Nifty Index ? Adding these 2 scripts in WatchList again kills space . Imagine a situation that your Both hands are Engased somehow – and you need to see Nifty Index or BNF Index which needs Scrolling from Top , that creates a Big Problem. ( Of course we can add these 2 in our WatchList but that again kills space. While on PortFollio – Positions – It should SHOW the Nifty Index and Bank Nifty Index also. You are using such a BIG Font writing Marketwatch / Portfollio – why not you reduce these fonts and include Nifty Index and Bank Nifty Index in that Place in Line ?

2. Newly added Scripts should always go to TOP Place. Currently it comes in Buttom.

Upstox has these 2 important features – which is very much good. I wish ZERODHA’s KITE also includes these 2 features in its Mobile App.

Many times I have written EMAIL to Mr. Kamath but I think – he is not serious about it ! Very Sad .

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