Comment on Introducing Kill Switch

hans commented on 24 Jun 2021, 04:11 PM

12 hours is only helpful when you are already trading and want to stop. But if you want to take a complete day’s break from trading, you need the 24-hour functionality (wherein you can deactivate previous evening itself).

A complete day’s break from trading is a very useful thing. It helps to recalibrate the mind, and you come back to trading refreshed. It may even end your losing streak.

With 12-hour functionality you’ll have to deactivate in morning only. That means you will open your computer before 9.15 am, log in to Kite, get tempted to trade, drop your plan to take a day’s break, start trading again… vicious cycle.

Even a 16-hour functionality can do the trick. You can deactivate for the entire next day around midnight, before going to sleep.

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