Comment on Introducing Kill Switch

San commented on 24 Jun 2021, 09:13 AM

I dont need Killswitch. What I need is a full fledged demo account which allows me to trade with virtual money. I am aware that sensibull have paper trading. But its not useful.
Why we (traders) do overtrade? Evenif first trade is successful, we cannot sit idle. Right?
No one can switch off the computer and go away..So second trade happens which result in losing the profit which I earned in the first trade. Third trade is a rescue mission to make good the loss which will result in capital wiping.
A switch to move between Real and Demo is only the way to save money from overtrading.
Please do it Nithin. I am ready even to pay the same brokerage as real trade. It should not be with bogus 1 lakh virtual capital money. The starting amount and fund add section should be same as real account.
Except bank withdrawal, everything should be there…

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