Comment on New margin framework for F&O trades

Harsh commented on 15 Jun 2021, 01:07 AM

If i sell xyz future @1000 and buy a 1100 CE for hedging , lot size 1000 for both….then it will mean my max loss is rs 1,00,000 ……
Let say i have rs 15,00,000 spare in my trading account also and short squeeze happens in that xyz stock and its price became 5000 …..
In case of nakes future selling its 40,00,000 loss but with hedging its only 1,00,000 total loss….
So my question is will i still get margin call in this case? As my xyz future is at 40,00,000 loss but my account’s total loss is 1,00,000(trading account balance is 15,00,000).

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