Comment on Introducing Kill Switch

Prien Jobalia commented on 12 Jun 2021, 07:41 PM


Capital protection and protection of profit is what is needed the most..

1. A feature that does not allow you to risk more than a certain % of the Captial at a given point it time. So new trader should not be allowed to expose and risk all of the available capital

2. A set % of target in every trade eg 25-30% in options, 20k-40k per lot of future to be auto locked and auto trailed there after… Traders loose when they don’t lock or book profits and then positive trades turn to losses due to greed.

3. Similarly a min% of target should be fixed assuming atleast 1:2 risk to reward, esle that is not a good trade

4. Once a trader reaches a certain % of profit on the starting coaitla for a month, 60% of the profit should be locked and 40% of profit and not capital should be aalowed to be risked for newre trades… This resets on start of new expiry. This will allow not to loose and go overboard once someone names good profits and eliminates the risk of losing the profits earned or even more

All of these can also be manually applied, but human tendency needs rules to tackle it in a smart way

Prien Jobalia (PJ)

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