Comment on Mandatory TOTP for illiquid risky contracts

anil commented on 10 Jun 2021, 10:34 PM

are they putting zerodha’s money on risk or their own money ? did you lend money to those clients who are willing to take trades in any script whether it is liquiide or illiquide let them decide their decision ……this is financial Policing ……the biggest froudster of india sooner or later your bubble will burst……guy do not go for these kind of low brokarage company where you save pennies in the name of low brokarage but loose most of the time with their own rules set by them …….

i know you will again repeat the same copy paste answer :-

Risk management is also a broker’s job. While we do facilitate trades, we also need to look at the risk such trades bring to the table. We have not decided what you should buy or sell, by the way. Just that you need additional security set up on the account to trade some scrips!

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