Comment on POA - Power of Attorney for your Demat account

Ankur commented on 22 Dec 2014, 12:14 AM

I have a saving-demat-trading account with HDFC. I want to link my HDFC demat account with Zerodha for trading in equities. Once linked, I understand that I can only buy from Zerodha and once the equities are send to my demat account I can only sell the same from HDFCsec only.

1. When we sell with IL&FS through Zerodha usually Rs. 15/- are the DP transaction charges . Will the same charges apply with HDFCsec for the equities bought through Zerodha?
2. After opening a trading account with Zerodha, will I be able to buy equities from HDFCsec or not?
3. What will be the AMC for Zerodha trading account only, if I want to use Zerodha web platform, mobile application as well as call n trade option?
4. What would be the charges applicable for transferring funds to the Zerodha trading account and vice cersa?

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