Comment on Kite charts update - Trading from chart & more

Ravi commented on 28 Apr 2021, 05:24 PM

Couple of suggestions:-

Currently ChartIQ is not very good in kite.

1. Can you provide full screen view just to remove indicators like we have in TradingView chart. Double click to Show/hide indicators?
2. Need to add strong candle sticks patterns. What is provided currently is of no use rather just put you in denger if you trade based on current candle sticks.
3. If feasible – provide/add an indicator which will auto draw trend lines for you. You can take several examples from TradingView public library for drawing trend line automatically. Will be of huge benefits for people.
4. Drawing trend lines currently in ChartIQ is very tedius and time consuming. I am not sure if ChartIQ provides similar feature Ui or if you can add anything yourself.

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