Comment on Referrals just got more rewarding!

Mohammed Hanif Shaikh commented on 23 Apr 2021, 12:17 PM

Sir, In my case, I have directly opened my accounts online without using any link or any referreals. Hence No third party interest is created or no third party claims to be entertained. It is my sole wish to avail service and experience benefit of a particular trader (Partner) so that I can avail benefits of their experiences and trades will be profitable (that is what I think). Here I can quote an example : Portability of SIM Card for changeover of services for better functioning and improvement in services. Govt. has also agreed and permitted to change the service provider for benefit of individuals. So please do not be rigid and I request you to kindly review the policy in the interest of your clients. Please REPLY at earliest and in case of non acceptance I left with no alternative but to Close the existing accounts and open fresh ones with referrals / recommendations.

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