Comment on Understanding the new margin pledge system — effective Aug 1, 2020

Shayan commented on 27 Mar 2021, 10:25 PM

I have shares worth 1.3L and after haircut the value is 88000.
So can you please answer the following question?
1) Suppose I have 2000 rupees free cash in my Zerodha account and i pledge my 1.3L securities. So will I be able to take trades for 90,000 rupees?
2) With my 88000 rupees collateral, how much value I can trade in FnO provided I have only 5000 free cash,i.e. 88000(collateral)+5000(free cash)?
3) Can i take following position:
a) FnO option buy worth 90,000(88000 collateral+2000 free cash)
b) Intraday equity cash position
c) Positional short term delivery equity cash
d) Option writing
4) How much money i have to put extra to trade an option writing which asks of 100000 margin and I have 88000 collateral only.
5) Will I be allowed to take trades purely on basis of collateral, provided I m ready to pay any additional interest/charges.
Suppose I want to do option writing in intraday which need 80k margin. I have 88k collateral and 2k free cash. As per rule I need to at least have 40k free cash to trade 80k FnO but can i still take position If on remaining 38k(40k shortfall and 2k free cash) I am ready to pay interest?

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