Comment on Introducing Console holdings

Himey Jain commented on 24 Mar 2021, 02:20 PM

Hi Team, Client ID: ZJ3283, 115 shares of Laxmi Organic Industries Limited (IPO) INE576O01020 are allotted to me yesterday i.e. on 23/03/2021 So When I tried to view those shares in my holding via Console, those shares are coming as Discrepancy Shares. I have gone through one of your article which shows how to add Shares bought thorough IPO to your Zerodha account. So I tried to manually add those Discrepancy shares. I am getting an error there that “Required Information to perform this action is not available”. Could you please fix this on urgency because tomorrow morning when this share gets listed, I can do the required action from my end. Below is the required Information:

Requested Lot: 1 (115 Shares)
Lot Received: 1 (115 Shares)
Lot allotted Date: 23/03/2021
Average Price: 130
Please help to resolve this ASAP

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