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Jangbir commented on 20 Dec 2014, 12:56 PM

1. Index reflects largely the economic activity-anticipated and occurring. Technical analysis is adjunct to economics. Global economies are interrelated with US markets leading the other markets. FOMC is the premier institution impacting the economy of world at large.
If possible :-
2. At website display economic calendar, India-US-China.
3. At trading terminal display in message board events of the day and messaging of important data in real time (RBI policy decisions, EIA data, Nonfarm payroll data etc). Display DOLLAR index at trading terminal.
4. In Varsity can have Misc Module which can dwell upon- Market Impacting moving events:-
(Can do an analysis of such past events and the market behavior leading to and after the event. For example Indian equity markets have moved up going into RBI policy decisions- on anticipation of rate cut – on last few occasions and declined leading to FOMC meeting- on anticipation of rate hike).
(a) Extraneous Factors- Economic (RBI policy, FOMC, BOJ, Non Farm Payroll etc).
– Political (Elections, Policy decisions etc).
– Foreign Indices (Timing and effect).
(b) Incept Factors – Contract expiry, Currency and other asset classes correlation/impact etc).
5. Provide links at website to exchanges and regulatory bodies.
6. Enquiry and redressal mechanism for various issues related to primary, secondary markets and FMC.
Keep the good work going,
J S Pundir

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