Comment on Update to CDSL's TPIN authorisation process for selling stocks

brokenbull commented on 27 Feb 2021, 10:21 PM

Best way to find out = buy small qty index etf say niftybee or bankbee at 3.29pm. Next day morning (BTST) say at 8.01 am try to place a amo CNC sell order ———————–If the system does not accept sell order & directs to CDSL web site.—————-Then you know you are non POA.
a. you can not call Zerodha & hope to be answered.
b. You can try to raise a ticket. it will only give you all kind pre existing topics, raising a support ticket is a real patientce exercise.
c. Then afrer few hiurs/ days-some Zerodha (working from home) smart cookie replies a boiler plate reply with out replying the matter actually.
d, otherwise all automated functions works damn well in zerodha . (just you can not or send a mail period or talk to any one in zerodha ).
For example send RTGS pay in , with in 2-5 minutes “funds added in your trading account ” mail/app notification.
send money via NEFT maximum with 30-45 minutes inward payment success notification.
you want money out & do it before 8pm, next day guaranteed inward remittance in to your bank by 10am or earlier.

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