Comment on Policy on settlement of compulsory delivery derivative contracts — Update Oct 2019

Sachin commented on 27 Feb 2021, 08:55 AM

Zerodha is charging brokerage on delivery resulting from options assignment. This is unfair. Other brokers like Interactive Broker (I traded with them for several years) don’t charge it. Why I need to pay brokerage if I didn’t post any order. The process is of assignment is autoexecuted at exchange, so why Zerodha charging brokarage for the same?

Zerodha says – “Since there is a substantial increase in effort and risk to settle these F&O positions resulting in physical delivery, a brokerage of 0.25% of the physically settled value will be charged. For all netted-off positions(spread contracts, iron condor, etc), the brokerage will be charged at 0.1% of the physically settled value.”

This is not acceptable. Zerodha is not doing anything for these settlement, why should they charge brokerage?


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